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all eyes on you

NO MORE x @egle.jezepcikaite

all eyes on you

NO MORE x @egle.jezepcikaite

The source of inspiration

Meet Egle as she speaks about her unique style and influences in this exclusive interview.

Silver or Gold? 

For most of my life, I went for gold, now I love mixing. NO MORE - made it easy for me!

Diamonds or Pearls? 


Dancing or singing? 

Dancing in public, singing in the shower.

A statement piece or “the more, the merrier philosophy”? We’re talking jewelry pieces here.

I’d like to find a balance between these... Would say “more” as long as it doesn’t feel heavy.

I love many rings, minimal earrings, and bracelets occasionally.

Seasonal trends or timeless pieces? We’re talking fashion here. 

Timeless pieces <3 It’s the vintage jacket(s) that is my “all time go to” choice & a loyal wardrobe friend. 

What's your favorite NO MORE piece?

Bold Hammered Chain Bracelet Silver. (Check it out here)