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All NO MORE jewelry is handmade of silver. We care about each piece and want it to look good on you, hence here's a few tips how to keep your's looking fresh.

Defending Your Shine

To safeguard your sterling silver jewelry, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals like perfumes and cleaning products. Refrain from wearing it during water activities to prevent damage.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Gently polish your silver jewelry with our polishing cloth for silver to restore its shine and revitalize its brilliance.

DIY Revitalization:
Revive your silver jewelry's shine with a homemade solution using baking soda, aluminum foil, and water. Apply, rinse, and pat dry for a refreshed sparkle.

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Storage and Adjustment

Store your silver jewelry in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. When adjusting, be gentle, especially with open rings and ear cuffs, as silver is a soft metal prone to breakage.


Gold Vermeil pieces should be taken care of same as silver since it's the main material. We wish gold vermeil was permanent, but like all types of plating, it doesn't handle rough exposure well.

Gold vermeil wears out over time exposing the base metal underneath. It also loses its lustre and fades with time. In general, plating can last for up to four years wearing it every day with proper care. Once the plating wears off we can renew the plating. 

The price starts from 20 EUR and depends on the size of the jewelry. If you wish to renew your gold vermeil just drop us an e-mail with a subject line GOLD VERMEIL and send the piece to us. We will polish it, renew it, gold vermeil it and send the piece back to you looking like new. We will kindly ask you to cover the shipping expenses. 


Embrace the warmth of summer, but give your silver jewelry a break during water activities. Preserve its shine by keeping it away from moisture and chemicals, particularly SPF and body creams containing acids.


While not covered by warranty, we are happy to renew and polish silver jewelry for you at a price ranging from €10-40 depending on the product. To inquire about renewal services, please email us a picture, and we will provide a quote. The shipping cost is not included in the price and depends on your location.

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At NO MORE, we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. We stand behind the workmanship that go into each piece of our handmade silver jewelry. To ensure our customers can enjoy their purchases free of worry, we offer a two-year warranty on all our products.

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and faults in materials or workmanship that may occur during the making of our jewelry. Under this warranty, we will repair or replace, at our discretion, any product that proves to be defective in these respects. Read more.