NO MORE designs are created with the idea of slow fashion in mind.


At NO MORE we believe that fashion can be waste-free.


With the idea of slow fashion in mind 

NO MORE designs are created with the idea of slow fashion in mind. Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted by skilful jewelers in our small studio based in Vilnius with the help of amazing individual artisans.
The pieces are sawed, soldered, carved and polished by hand. This allows for a great deal of attention to detail and quality as well as making it much less likely for the piece of jewelry to be flawed as in case of mass manufacturing. Prototypes of each design are tested carefully and the production is planned accordingly.

NO MORE is meticulous in planning therefore we choose to produce no more than is needed. All NO MORE jewelry is made of sterling silver with an exception of a small 18K gold collection. The gold plated pieces of NO MORE accessories are sterling silver pieces coated with 4 microns of the purest 24K gold. The industry standard for gold plating is 1-2 microns so we doubled down to make sure the gold plated pieces stay in perfect condition for as long as possible. The gold plating process is carried out by a  team of qualified professionals at a small laboratory at the Institute of Physical Sciences and Technology.