Love Mama Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES
Love Mama Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES
Love Mama Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES
Love Mama Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES

Love Mama Necklace Silver

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Love Mama Necklace Silver
Ready made
Your handwriting

Do you know what mamas love the most in the whole world?
Yup, their children, you got that one right.

Even though their kiddies cannot be with them all day, they can now give a little piece of their love in their handwriting. Whether you're 3 (papas, you might need to step in here a little) or 30 - we know your mama will L‚̧ԳŹVE wearing a piece of your handwriting on her neck.

How does this work?

You'll need to write MAMA (or any other 3-5 symbol word) with a bold marker pen on a white sheet of paper. Scan it, or take a photo of it. E-mail it to, and purchase a LOVE mama necklace. We will then need 3-5 working days to do our magic and put your handwriting on the necklace and ship it to you. 

You then gift the necklace to your MAMA and there's one more smiling MAMA more in the world. 


  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Pendant:¬†8.5mm - 9.9mm wide and 8.10mm -¬†13mm high
  • Length: 50cm
  • Weight: ~2g

Smile MORE with NO MORE! 

P.S. Since you liked the handwriting in the picture a lot - you can now buy a ready made necklace with that handwriting. Select Ready Made option for that. 

Our jewelry is made sustainably by hand to last a lifetime.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 79 reviews

    Perfect quality, would recommend

    Kertu Tunnel
    Very nice necklace

    I love it, it¬īs just simple and beautiful.

    Katrien Declercq
    I love it

    The paperclip necklace is very beautiful and good quality. I just love it!


    Patiko. Gaila, kad tik nńóra galimybńós reguliuoti grandinńólńós ilgńĮ.

    Ana Sitchinava

    Can’t take my eyes off of this piece of jewelry!

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