Double Layers Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES
Double Layers Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES
Double Layers Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES
Double Layers Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES
Double Layers Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES
Double Layers Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES
Double Layers Necklace Silver - NO MORE ACCESSORIES

Double Layers Necklace Silver

Regular price€ 65.00

Double Layers Necklace Silver

Would you layer all day long if it wasn't for tangled-up necklaces? We've been there, we feel you, and we've got you covered!

Check out this necklace featuring two different style necklaces joined together to form the perfect layers. Ace your layering game minus the tangling up part. You're welcome!


  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Chain length: 45-50cm
  • Weight: 4.83g

Our jewelry is made sustainably by hand to last a lifetime.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Good Marketing sells the brand, not the product.

The fact that you justified the revirew but throwing the same pre-set, pre-thought text, not even bothering to come with arguments that cant be found in your Marketing camapign. Yes, campaign are supposed to look good, but they also make the product look 10x better then what it actually is. Your product may not be part of mass manufacturing, but does not mean you concept is new. Justify the price based on something almost never(or very rarely) seen before, not on lies. This desgin, no matter how manually its crafted or no matter what super silver contains, is such a overly used design all over the world. So sorry, no, I believe you arevery professional, nicr company and all, but lets BE REAL, price is not justified.

Hello Maria,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback and respect your perspective.
Our aim is to offer high-quality, handcrafted pieces, and we take customer feedback seriously. We understand that not everyone may find our pricing aligned with their expectations, and we respect that.

Warm regards,
NO MORE accessories


There is absolutely no way the price is justified for that. I appreciate the design and that your business is overall professional, but the price for this necklace is over the top. It would have to be an never before seen type of material that you used for this. Even the manufacturing couldnt be justified in this price. Such a scam, you re paying the brand, not the actual product!

Hi Maria,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the pricing of our necklace. We appreciate your perspective and would like to provide some context regarding the pricing of this unique piece.

Our necklace is indeed a distinctive creation, and we want to shed light on why it holds its current price point:
Materials: The necklace is crafted using a substantial amount of high-quality sterling silver. The weight and quality of the silver contribute significantly to the overall cost.
Handcrafted: The necklace is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled jewelers. The intricate design and meticulous attention to detail require considerable time and effort to ensure exceptional quality.
One-of-a-Kind: This necklace is not part of a mass production process. It's a one-of-a-kind piece, which makes it a collector's item and adds to its exclusivity.

While we understand that the price may seem high initially, it reflects the dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and the exceptional nature of this necklace.
Your feedback is valuable to us, and we continuously strive to offer a range of products at different price points to accommodate various preferences.

Thank you for your input on this.

Warm regards,
NO MORE accessories

Kertu Tunnel
Very nice necklace

I love it, it´s just simple and beautiful.

Katrien Declercq
I love it

The paperclip necklace is very beautiful and good quality. I just love it!


Patiko. Gaila, kad tik nėra galimybės reguliuoti grandinėlės ilgį.

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